The Get Right Band - Bass Treble Angel Devil CD


Relix Magazine’s “On the Verge” pick, The Get Right Band, has released its hotly anticipated new album, Bass Treble Angel Devil. The hour-long juggernaut of high-energy tunes, bold and witty lyrics, and adventurous production approach melds funk, rock, and reggae into a dance party album that has listeners singing along and shaking their booties from track one. This is an album for dancers, for rockers, for connoisseurs, for radio junkies, for true music lovers. This is an album for anyone who rocks out to The Black Keys or The Red Hot Chili Peppers, for anyone who grew up blasting Sublime or Led Zeppelin on their car stereos, for anyone who dances in their living room to Michael Jackson or The Talking Heads.

  1. Satisfied Man listen
  2. We Work All Day listen
  3. Shut Yo' Mouth listen
  4. Get Right listen
  5. You Can Come listen
  6. The Carpenter's Daughter listen
  7. Give It listen
  8. Prettier listen
  9. Lovin' in the Kitchen listen
  10. Broken Paradise listen
  11. Love Won't Come Around listen
  12. Florida listen
  13. Life During Wartime listen

Released in 2014