The Frank and Joe Show - Submarine Bus CD

Frank Vignola - guitar, vocals
Joe Ascione - drums, djembe, vocals
Rich Zukor - drums, perc, bass, vocals
Vinny Raniolo - guitar, bass, vocals

SUBMARINE BUS is a hilarious and refreshing romp in the hayfields of free form electric gypsy jazz, intricately doused with explosive homages to Hendrix, exploratory Zappa lyricism and trademark rumbling percussion. The groove is infectious, the musicianship impeccable, and the listening experience an odyssey into a quirky world previously only known to Fred & Jake (hint; you will never see them in the same room as Frank & Joe). It's improv as art form with juicy hook laden guitar riffs, alternately crunchy then clean, with world class percussion providing the pulse throughout. Its a prog--jazz-rock epic, following a Submarine Bus as it forces its way through the clotted artery. When asked if 'clotted artery' was a metaphor for the 'traditional jazz industry,' neither Fred nor Jake could be reached for comment..

Frank Vignola and Joe Ascione are considered consummate professionals, bandleaders and sidemen on the traditional side of jazz. Bios of the two describe child prodigies, developing into sought after and respected players.

1- Baby Wipes mp3
2- I Trust In You mp3
3- Hey You mp3
4- In The Hills mp3
5- Fred And Jake mp3
6- Submarine Bus mp3
7- Trilogy I - The Gig Call/Sittin' On The Couch/Let's Bowl mp3
8- Gravitational Pull mp3
9- Barry's Trading Soybeans mp3

Released April 18, 2006