The Everybodyfields - Nothing is Okay CD

Like their genre-bending brethren The Avett Brothers, the everybodyfields are ushering in a new generation of folk/rock that defies easy catagorization, yet whatever you choose to call it, this band is at the head of the class. Fronted by Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews, the band offers melancholic interpretations of universally human stories set to achingly beautiful melodies. Quinn's echoing twang reverberates like a long-lost radio broadcast and provides a hard edge to Andrews pure, soothing tones. Their voices are backed by the balanced hum of a lap steel, lead guitar, electric bass, piano and acoustic guitar. Straightforward and sure, the everybodyfields combine gentle humor with songs about real-life sorrows. They demonstrate an appreciation for traditional, while at the same time conjuring up something that is not, in fact, traditional at all.

The quality of communication between two people during the time of a sizable rift is fair-weather at best. The few words that do get through are not the ones that you hold dearly when resting your head to pillow; rather these are the ones that keep jaws locked tightly until hopefully, finally, fatigue sets in. After your mind has been poisoned by hatred, after you've lost your voice from screaming, after the words have stopped coming together, you have once again managed to tare yourself back to center.

Right back to where you started--at nothing.

These songs are one year's worth of conversations between people who decided equally to stop talking to each other. They are perhaps more honest and useful than any which might have transpired. This is not a biography of happiness, nor is it a field guide to discontent. These songs are a mutual offering to the characters involved herein.

Everything is completely screwed. Everything is totally fine. Which is it? Why not both?

1. Aeroplane 3:29 mp3
2. Lonely Anywhere 5:47 mp3
3. Don't Tern Around 3:19 mp3
4. Leaving Today 2:55 mp3
5. Be Miner 3:42 mp3
6. Savior 3:19 mp3
7. Birthday 2:54 mp3
8. Wasted Time 4:11 mp3
9. Everything Is Okay 2:39
10. Tuesday 3:06
11. Over and Done 4:08
12. Out On The Highway 13:19

Released August 2007