The Chieftains - Bear's Sonic Journals - The Foxhunt 1973 & 1976 (2CD)


Bear's Sonic Journals: The Foxhunt, The Chieftains Live in San Francisco 1973 & 1976 was recorded live by legendary soundman Owsley "Bear" Stanley, at Boarding House on October 1st, 1973, where The Chieftains appeared at the personal invitation of The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia. Owsley Stanley, known as Bear to his friends, was a diversely talented, iconic figure of the 1960s. While perhaps most widely known as the 'Acid King' for his early role manufacturing the highest quality LSD to help fuel the psychedelic revolution of the '60s, he was a self-educated innovator, scientist, artist, and patron of the arts with wide-ranging interests. As such, he had a profound and well-documented influence on other artists, musicians, and sound engineers, among others.

The 2CD package also features bonus material of the last interview Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains ever gave before his passing in 2021 and a history of Irish roots in Bluegrass music by Jerry Garcia.

Disc One: The Boarding House, October 1, 1973
1. Drowsy Maggie
2. Band Introductions
3. Morgan Magan
4. Carrickfergus (Do Bhi Bean Uasal)
5. The Morning Dew
6. Lord Inchiquin
7. An Fhallaingin Mhuimhneach (The Munster Cloak)
8. The Foxhunt
9. Mna na hEireann (The Women of Ireland)
10. Carolan's Concerto
11. Kerry Slides
12. Opening Medley: Strike the Gay Harp/The March of the King of Laois/The Lady on the Island/The Sailor on the Rock
13. Lord Inchiquin
14. An Fhallaingin Mhuimhneach (The Munster Cloak)
15. Kerry Slides
16. Samhradh, Samhradh (Summertime, Summertime)
17. The Foxhunt
18. George Brabazon

Disc Two: Great American Music Hall, May 5th, 1976
1. Golden Gate Medley: Sean Chuilfhionn /Clare Reel/ Roisin Dubh/John O'Connor/Golden Gate Slides/Steam Packet Selections (reels)/Pretty Girls Reel
2. Timpan Reel
3. Marbhna Luimnigh (Limerick's Lamentation)
4. O'Keefe's Slide/Round the House and Mind the Dresser
5. Ceol Bhriotanach (Breton Music) (4 pieces)
6. Humours of Carolan: Planxty Maguire/Charles O'Conor/Carolan's Farewell to Music/SiBeag, Si Mhor (Small Fairy Mound, Big Fairy Mound)/Bumper Squire Jones/Planxty Johnston
7. Introduction to the Battle of Aughrim
8. Battle of Aughrim
9. The Morning Dew
10. Mna na hEireann (The Women of Ireland)
11. Kerry Slides
12. Tabhair dom do Lamh (Give Me Your Hand)
13. Ril Mhor Bhaile an Chalaidh (Great Reel of Baile an Chalaidh)