The Broadcast - Live CD

When a band plays 140 shows a year like the Broadcast does, they become experts at playing to a crowd. On their latest album, Live, the precision-tuned six piece proves their ability to strike a perfect balance between booty-shakin' fun and heartfelt, soulful expression. From the jaunty Amy Winehouse-esque backbeat of "Cathy" to the spacious art-rock ballad "Voices", Live takes listeners on a dynamic and hypnotic musical journey. Toss in a good measure of ace soloing and tasteful covers like "Life During Wartime" and "Wild Horses" and even your jazz professor neighbor will be wondering when the next time the Broadcast is coming to town.

Track list:
1. Hide Yourself Away listen
2. Cathy listen
3. Unintelligible Truth listen
4. Say Goodbye listen
5. Voices listen
6. Life During Wartime listen
7. Get Down listen
8. Wild Horses listen
9. Loving You listen

Recorded in 2012