The Bongolian - Outer Bongolia CD

Nasser Bouzida, aka The Bongolian, is found in his element on Outer Bongolia! He embarks on a psychedelic musical trip to the outer regions of the Funk galaxy, taking in spaced-out heavy Bongo rhythms and Latin Soul along the way creating 100% original dancefloor rhythms. Instruments featured include the Hammond, Bongos, Synthesizers, and Vibes. Drawing on all his past influences, Nasser produced an inspired recording blending elements of Funk, Soul and Jazz with grinding percussion and heavy Bongo rhythms.

1. Talking Synth mp3 sample
2. Feel It mp3 sample
3. Champion, The mp3 sample
4. Rock Me mp3 sample
5. Lucky Seven mp3 sample
6. All Aboard mp3 sample
7. Horn, The mp3 sample
8. Saturn's Eye mp3 sample
9. Bongo Mambo
10. Space Meter
11. Wolf, The
12. Paris Colonade
13. Marimba Down At the Hare
14. Gospel According To the Bongolian, The

Released 9/30/08