The Biscuit Burners - Fiery Mountain Music CD


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The Biscuit Burners' debut release hit number 6 in the Chicago Tribune's Best Bluegrass Albums in 2004. With this album, the Biscuit Burners deliver a twelve song composition of Fiery Mountain Music,which combines the style of old country ballads with progressive bluegrass into a new, authentic sound.

"The Biscuit Burners somehow sound relaxed even on fast numbers like "Mountain Lily" or their up-tempo instrumental, "Autry's Peach Orchard," and when they get into a slower ballad, their sound becomes downright hypnotic. Part of this can be attributed to the cohesive, seamless profile the band achieves it seems so effortless. But it is the super-sultry singing of Shannon Whitworth on songs like her own "Come On Darlin" that casts the strongest spell." - Chicago Tribune

1- Bakerstown mp3
2- Once Upon A Time mp3
3- Autry's Peach Orchard mp3
4- Prayer Of The Moonlight mp3
5- Mountain Lily mp3
6- If I Fall mp3
7- Cow And Sake mp3
8- Come On Darlin' mp3
9- Mono County Jail mp3
10- Mermon mp3
11- Hot August Evening mp3
12- Red Mountain Wine mp3

Released 2004