The Biscuit Burners - A Mountain Apart CD


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The Biscuit Burners' refreshing yet reminiscent sound continues to flourish. Continuing to cultivate their nationally acclaimed Fiery Mountain Music, the band offers their second release, A Mountain Apart. With twelve tracks and only one of them adapted, this album embodies the driving force behind the Biscuit Burners: innovative acoustic instrumentation tethered to fresh original material.

"The last (band) I heard that blew me away was the Biscuit Burners." - A.P. Interview with Joe Perry of Aerosmith, July 2005

1- Ridgeway Backroads mp3
2- Laurel Grove mp3
3- A Mountain Apart mp3
4- Hera Lynn mp3
5- Off To The Sea mp3
6- Pinchtown Hop mp3
7- Don't Leave Me Feelin' Blue mp3
8- Donna Rose mp3
9- Stone Grey mp3
10- The Hatching Season mp3
11- Harriet's Flog mp3
12- Sweet Whiskey mp3

Released 9/1/05