The Avett Brothers - Live Vol. 2 CD


This neo-grass trio drives crowds to frenzies with fearsome energy, harmonic audacity and a huge range, from Everly Brothers sweetness to Country Joe hippie jugband mayhem. Live, Vol 2 captures the Avetts in full holler, and the crowd hollers back.

1. Pretty Girl from Annapolis mp3
2. Love Like the Movies mp3
3. Walking for You mp3
4. Do You Love Him mp3
5. I Killed Sally's Lover mp3
6. Smoke in Our Lights mp3
7. A Lot of Movin' mp3
8. November Blue mp3
9. Wanted Man mp3
10. Old Joe Clark mp3
11. My Last Song to Jenny mp3
12. The Traveling Song mp3
13. Offering
14. A Gift for Melody Anne
15. Complainte d'un Matelot Mourant
16. Pretty Girl from Raleigh
17. Please Pardon Yourself

Released May 2005