The Avett Brothers - Emotionalism CD


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is the defining, emotionally arresting statement of the alternative folk movement. The Avetts reinvent roots music by melding the form's solid songcraft with unique elements of gospel, punk, jazz, and rock. Captivating and stirring, the appropriately-titled Emotionalism begs to be explored and listened to over and over again. Each song is as memorable as the one before. This is a bona-fide classic of our time!

1. Die Die Die mp3
2. Shame mp3
3. Paronia In B Major mp3
4. The Weight Of Lies mp3
5. Will You Return? mp3
6. Ballad Of Love And Hate mp3
7. Salina mp3
8. Pretty Girl From Chile mp3
9. All My Mistakes mp3
10. Living Of Love
11. I Would Be Sad
12. Pretty Girl From San Diego
13. Go To Sleep
14. Hand-Me-Down Tune

Released 5/15/07