Terry Eckard Band - Rebel on the Highway CD

The Terry Eckard Band is a blues based power trio out of Hickory NC. Driving backbeats and ripping slide guitar give them a sound all they're own.

His driving boogie style, sweet blues and slide playing set him apart from rest. Add lyrics that send ya back..."ya been there" and you'll be hooked!!!

Rebel on the Highway, Terry's latest CD is a none stop ride down a winding mountain road...you'll want to jump right back on at the end!!!

Raised in North Carolina, Terry's writing comes from his own years on the road, traveling and gigging throughout the south. You just try to dance non-stop to either album... then you'll know why Terry Eckard is the King of Southern Boogie!!!!

Recent shows with The Doobie Brothers, Eddie Money and many other top notch artists are just the beginning. Check um out!!!

Track List:
1. - Hey (4:15) mp3 sample
2. - Easy on myself (3:16) mp3 sample
3. - Rebel on the Highway (3:32) mp3 sample
4. - Mothers (5:02) mp3 sample
5. - Outlaw (3:14) mp3 sample
6. - Loves Got me Cryin' (6:17) mp3 sample
7. - Maria's Fire (4:31) mp3 sample
8. - Beautiful Machine (5:38) mp3 sample
9. - Cat Square (3:53) mp3 sample
10. - Falling Rain (5:39) mp3 sample
11. - Moonlight (4:12) mp3 sample
12. - One more Time (4:41) mp3 sample
13. - The Trees (3:56) mp3 sample