Tea Leaf Green - Looking West CD

We've been waiting a long time to make this record says Trevor Garrod, "In a band like ours we have so many songs that we play and love but never had a chance to record in the studio. It's almost as if we've loved these songs too much and were afraid to encase them forever behind the iron bars of a vacuum sealed, shrink wrapped studio album." Garrod sums up the band's change of attitude with these final thoughts, "We have come to realize that we can only truly set these beloved tunes free by putting them all down on a record. We are releasing them into the wild. We are casting them out to sea. We are 'Looking West' into the setting sun and launching them into outer space. These songs are messages in bottles washed up on foreign shores, alien transmissions from distant worlds, memories from our fading youth, and reminders of our endless and repetitious search for love and freedom."

Track List:
1. Looking West listen
2. Dreaming Without Sleeping listen
3. My Bastard Brother listen
4. Jackson Hole listen
5. Drink of Streams listen
6. Forgiven listen
7. Bouncing Betty listen
8. Can't Get High listen
9. Emma Lee listen
10. Without a Broom listen
11. Don't Let it Down listen
12. Rattlin listen
13. Carter Hotel listen