StraddleDaddy - Moxie on Fire CD

StraddleDaddy is a 6 member Moxie rock outfit from Middletown CT. Years of evolution have created a high-energy, fire-breathing monster of funk. Blazing through a repertoire of over 60 original tunes and dozens of covers, StraddleDaddy just stole your heart - You'll find it on the dancefloor. The release of StraddleDaddy's second full length studio album, Moxie on Fire, and the integration of a new beat-boxing badass bass player have made them one of the bands to watch around the northeast.

1 Brand New Ride mp3
2 Butter mp3
3 Elevendy mp3
4 Four Feathers mp3
5 Honkin' and YELLIN' mp3
6 It's Alright mp3
7 Jess mp3
8 Lies mp3
9 Oblong
10 Seasons Change - Girlfriend
11 Shotgun Wedding
12 Sunday
13 The Take Off
14 Time of Year
15 Party!

Released 2007