Split Lip Rayfield - I'll Be Around CD

"I'll Be Around is an affirmation of the band's 14-year journey and the scars its gas-tank bass and three surviving members have accumulated." -Richard Gintowt (Pitch Weekly)

"Slap your knee to these guys and you'll be sore the next day." - New York Press

A band of badasses with the avowed intent of kicking the oldtime sound in the posterior till it shouts out a brand new tune. CMJ New Music Report

Twelve new tunes packed in a six panel matte finish digipak complete with a creepy clown, a precious kitty, and an exploded view technical drawing of the Stitchgiver bass to answer all those questions you guys have wondered about over the years.

Track List:
1. Rig or Cross mp3
2. All the Same mp3
3. Aces High mp3
4. Heart of Darkness mp3
5. Factory mp3
6. The High Price of Necromancy mp3
7. Fallen mp3
8. Hobo Love Song mp3
9. Devil Lies mp3
10. It's Been So Long mp3
11. Sin River mp3
12. I'll Be Around mp3