Slightly Stoopid - Closer To The Sun CD


This San Diego bands brings the sunny surf vibe to everyone with this album! Highly influenced by the sounds of Sublime and 311, Closer To The Sun is perhaps Slightly Stoopid's most accessible, mellow effort. Heavy on the reggae vibe, the disc hints only sparingly at the band's rock/punk side, flowing breezily from one laid-back reggae/dub groove to another.

1. Intro mp3
2. Babylon Is Falling mp3
3. Somebody mp3
4. Fat Spliffs mp3
5. Bandelero mp3
6. See It No Other Way mp3
7. Nothin Over Me
8. This Joint
9. Older
10. Ain't Got a Lot of Money
11. Till It Gets Wet
12. Don't Care
13. Basher
14. Righteous Man
15. Up On A Plane
16. Waiting
17. Closer To The Sun
18. Zeplike
19. Comb 4 My Dome
20. Open Road

Released April 2005