Slightly Stoopid - Chronichitis CD

Southern California's Slightly Stoopid have cemented a signature sound by fusing acoustic and electric rock with blues, psychedelic dub reggae and hip-hop. Catch Chronchitis, the band's 5th studio album, produced by Mario C, Paul Leary, Miguel and Chris D! This stellar album features a little help from friends such as G Love, Guru of Gangstarr, Angelo Moore of Fishbone and Money Mark.

1. Anywhere I Go mp3
2. The Otherside mp3
3. Hold On To The One mp3
4. 2am mp3
5. Blood of My Blood mp3
6. Nobody Knows mp3
7. Above the Clouds mp3
8. Digital mp3
9. Round the World mp3
10. Baby I Like It mp3
11. Ocean
12. Jimi
13. Breakbeat (feat. DJ Hellnaw)
14. Mind on Your Music
15. Ever Really Wanted
16. Girl U So Fine/Girl U So Fine Pt 2
17. Reward for Me

Released August 7, 2007