Slang - More Talk About Tonight CD

Textural, ambient, groovy, and forward-thinking creations featuring Dave Schools, Eric McFadden, Matt Abts, DJ Logic, Ray Paczkowski, Vic Chestnutt, and many more horn players, effects wizards, and musical masters! A truly atmospheric CD that ventures beyond the deep, funky grooves of the first Slang album and into the trippy ether!

1- Party For The Underdog mp3
2- Ode To Love Sickness mp3
3- Kite Theme mp3
4- Escalator mp3
5- Two Blown Speakers And An Apron mp3
6- Motion Detector mp3
7- Time Is Now mp3
8- When She's Gone mp3
9- Cold Winter's Day mp3
10- Good N Evil mp3
11- Champions of Leisure mp3
12- What Happened mp3
13- The Bitter Pills mp3
14- Charlie D mp3