Scott Kinsey - Kinesthetics CD

An important musical force in contemporary times, Scott has been a vital force with Tribal Tech, Scott Henderson and many other musicians around the globe. Kinesthetics has been one of the most requested releases this year and showcases the tremendous musicality and global outlook of this mesmerizing keyboard player.

Kinesthetics features a stellar cast - Scott Kinsey on keyboards along with Scott Henderson (guitar), Michael Landau (guitar), Jinshi Ozaki (acoustic guitar), Steve Tavaglione (sax), Kirk Covington (drums), Cyril Atef (drums, perc, vox), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Gary Willis (bass), Abraham Laboriel Sr. (bass), Armand Sabal-Lecco (bass), Jimmy Earl (bass), Robert Hurst III (acoustic bass), Paul Shihadeh (bass),Alex Acuna (percussion), Arto Tuncboyaciyan (percussion, vox, beer bottle), Brad Dutz (percussion), Satnam Ramgotra (tablas), Tim Hagans (trumpet), Mammady Keita (sampled vox & percussion) and Ronald Bruner Jr. (drums).

1. kinesthetics mp3
2. this is that mp3
3. sometimes I... mp3
4. the combat zone mp3
5. quartet mp3
6. wishing tree mp3
7. big rock mp3
8. uncle pats gypsy van mp3
9. under radar intro mp3
10. under radar mp3
11. shinjuku
12. one for jinshi

Released 10/24/06