Rusted Root - Stereo Rodeo CD

Their seventh album and first studio release since 2002's "Welcome To My Party" explores a variety of musical styles, crossing and merging genres. Says lead vocalist and guitarist Michael Glabicki, "Labeling is dangerous and limiting. We are a band made up of individual musicians who come together to create music. Call it what you want, but we are simply creating music that has a message." That message has been resonating with fans for nearly twenty years.

Track List:
1. Dance In The Middle mp3 sample
2. Suspicious Minds mp3 sample
3. Weary Bones mp3 sample
4. Bad Son mp3 sample
5. Give Grace mp3 sample
6. Driving One mp3 sample
7. Stereo Rodeo mp3 sample
8. Driving Two mp3 sample
9. Animals Love Touch mp3 sample
10. Garbage Man mp3 sample
11. Crucible Glow mp3 sample

Released 05.05.2009