Rumpke Mountain Boys - High Time, Low Tide CD


With the release of their 4th self-produced album the Rumpke Mountain Boys have blended the best parts of their past albums into "High Time, Low Tide". Using very little over dubs or studio magic the boys have decanted the essence of "Trashgrass" and "Moon" and bottled it up into 13 original songs. Taking from their own personal journeys, the listener is brought along to experience the highs and lows of the human condition. From the first sounds of the ocean and driving tempo of "Rolling Waves" to the last blast of "That's Life" Rumpke Mountain Boys' "High Time, Low Tide" spans the breath of emotions that adventure holds. Whether by sea, road, or sky, Rumpke brings us along with seemingly familiar sounds to be discovered in lands beyond our own minds eye.......

Track List:

  1. Rolling Waves listen
  2. Banks of the River listen
  3. Crow's Blues listen
  4. Four Dinaire listen
  5. Molly listen
  6. Overboard listen
  7. Buford's Blues listen
  8. Why Can't We All Grow Young listen
  9. 382 listen
  10. Low River listen
  11. Drift listen
  12. Hempen Jig listen
  13. That's Life listen

Released 01.29.2016