Royal Southern Brotherhood - Don't Look Back CD


Royal Southern Brotherhoods third studio album, with two new members, Tyrone Vaughan. "Being the son" of Jimmie Vaughan and the nephew of the iconic SRV & Bart Walker, joins original members Cyril Neville, Yonrico Scott & Charlie Wooton.

Cyril Neville: vocals, percussions
Bart Walker: guitar, mandolin, vocals,
Tyrone Vaughan: vocals, guitar
Charlie Wooton: bass
Yonrico Scott: drums, percussion
Ivan Neville: Hammond B3,piano
Jimmy Hall: saxophone, vocals
Max Abrams: saxophone
Paul Armstrong: trumpet

Track Listing:

  1. I Wanna Be Free
  2. Reach My Goal
  3. Don't Look Back
  4. Hit Me Once
  5. The Big Greasy
  6. Hard Blues
  7. Better Half
  8. Penzi
  9. It's Time For Love
  10. Bayou Baby
  11. Poor Boy
  12. They Don't Make 'Em Like You No More
  13. Come Hell Or High Water
  14. Anchor Me

Release Date 06.09.15