Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom - Finding My Way CD

Another installment of funky fresh organ grooves from this revered keyboardist and songwriter! Features Karl Denson, Melvin Sparks, Russ Lawton, Arkady Beletsky, and more.

"Ron's jams are so tight, elegant, and chops-heavy, I would've sworn that he was from the UK! What a surprise to learn that he's a Yank, and a way funky one at that. His jams sound incredible on The Groove Boutique." - Rafe Gomez, host of The Groove Boutique, syndicated jazz mix show - London, UK

"Ron Levy's new CD, sounds more like 'Found My Way', then its title 'Finding My Way'! Back on board for the best Wild Kingdom safari ever, is Ron's previous band-mate guitarist Melvin Sparks, and for added good measure ex-Grey Boy All-Star and now solo artist Karl Denson. Both add zesty spice to this AMAZING mix. Dig these heavy organic grooves, I did!" - Bob Putignano - 'Sounds of Blue' WFDU-FM, Goldmine Magazine and President of the New York Blues & Jazz Society

1- I Try & I Try
2- Best Cookies (In The Neighborhood)
3- Steady Like Freddy
4- The Wes Side
5- Exfiled
6- Cuch Cuch
7- Some Sorta Blue
8- Finding My Way
9- Spangled Star Boogaloo