Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom - Green Eyed Soul CD

Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom - Green Eyed Soul CD

"A tasty bit of organ jazz from Ron Levy -- an unsung hero of the Hammond, and one of the leading lights of the Northeast scene! Ron's playing is steeped in the classic styles of the 60s -- some nice Jack McDuff touches on the keys at times, but overall with a heavier approach to the funk that reminds us more of some of the heavy-hitters in the Prestige jazz funk early 70s years -- like Leon Spencer or Groove Holmes. The album's got a surprisingly classic feel -- no gimmicks, no "jam too much" playing -- just tight, right, and outta site funky jazz -- played in a style that really appreciates the classics, but which gives it the kind of energy that we first heard getting pumped back into the music from the Desco/Daptone crew! Titles include "Soulard Soul Stew", "Always Outnumbered", "The Soulside", "Silver Plated", "Green Eyed Soul", and "El Fuego De Lowell". - Rick Wojcik - DGA Newsletter

"I LOVE 'Green Eyed Soul'. It's the best jazz-funk record of the millennium so far. Excellent funky stuff... stay tuned for more airplay!" Gerd Hoeschen aka DJ Ottic (Alooga media, Germany)

"The best so far by Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom" - Leeway's Home Grown Music Network

"A gifted songwriter and instrumentalist, Levy has cooked up another platter of smoking Hammond organ jazz." 

1- Always Outnumbered
2- The Soul Side
3- Like Like Dope
4- Lovin' You Again
5- Green Eyed Soul
6- Silver Plated
7- Soulard Soul Stew
8- Yo Bro Yossel
9- El Fuego De Lowell