Rolla - La La Land CD

The first time Fuzz (guitarist/vocalist - Deep Banana Blackout, Tom Tom Club, Big Fuzz) and singer/songwriter Carrie Ernst took the stage together, it was magical: their two voices harmonized instantly and their acoustic guitar interplay resonated throughout the theater. The collaboration was a spur-of-the-moment decision that delighted the fans that were in attendance to see Fuzz perform an acoustic set supporting Dickey Betts & Great Southern (Allman Brothers Band). The crowd's approval was so overwhelming that Fuzz and Carrie decided to record and tour as an acoustic duo.

After a year of performing and writing, they recruited upright bassist David Shuman and drummer Marc Balling, to form Rolla. David, Marc and Fuzz worked previously on their jazz release, B'gocK! which is why Fuzz saw it fitting to include these musicians to complete the sound Carrie and he were looking for.

Rolla is a combination of sincere songwriting, dreamy melodies and sonorous vocal harmonies combined with the organic textures of an acoustic jazz rhythm section who just wants to play rock and roll (don't they all). Fuzz still manages to deliver his soaring, psychadelic guitar while Carrie counters it with her angelic vocal layers.

1- Give Up The Ghost mp3
2- Salvation mp3
3- You Were Mine mp3
4- Traffic In The Cosmos mp3
5- This Day mp3
6- Too Late mp3
7- Waiting in Vain mp3
8- End Of Time mp3
9- Stuck in A Daydream mp3

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