Robert Walter's 20th Congress - Money Shot CD

ROBERT WALTER is building a reputation as one of america's
heaviest jazz-funk keyboardists. as a founding member of
the GREYBOY ALLSTARS, he toured throughout north america
and europe for five years. along the way, he performed
and recorded with such jazz and funk heavyweights as fred
wesley, gary bartz, melvin sparks, reuben wilson and andy
bey. Robert's own songwriting combines a vinyl junkie's
passion for classic soul jazz, boogaloo, and funky 45's
with a southern California attitude that one might expect
from a San Diego native... laid back and groovy but still
searching for the new.
Now 30 years of age, Robert leads a new band with a new
groove and a national following (thanks to their ongoing
and relentless national tour support ). For "Money Shot",
his debut full-length recording for FOG CITY RECORDS,
Robert enlisted GALACTIC drummer (and fellow fog city
recording artist) STANTON MOORE to inject some crescent
city syncopation into the project. Also contributing to
the twentieth Congress gumbo are some of the baddest players
from the san diego funk scene: cochemea gastelum (whose
electric alto sax and use of echo effects recalls shades
of his heroes eddie harris and bennie maupin), bassist
david carano, percussionist chuck prada and Greyboy
Allstars guitarist elgin park. The live recordings captured
on the "Money Shot" cd have the spontaneity of new friends
trading old stories, the sophistication of real songwriting
and honest musicianship, and enough soulful swagger to keep
you struttin'through your next backyard barbeque. "this is the kind of old school jazz that beatniks and other cultural outlaws used to groove to, but w lter's beating it up and taking it to schools yet to be erected." (San Diego Daily)

Track List
White russ
Rite Away
Rack & pinion
Instant lawn
The yodel
Shemp time
Money shot
I'm over it
Blues for y2k