Robert Walter - Super Heavy Organ CD

Robert Walter - Hammond Organ, Clavinet, Piano, Melodica and Percussion
Stanton Moore - Drums and Percussion
Johnny Vidacovich - Drums and Cymbals
Tim Green - Tenor Sax
James Singleton - Bass
Anthony Farrell - Vocals

The Hammond Organ. Ask anyone who has played one on the club scene and they 'll tell you horror stories about jacking the B3 up fire escapes or removing doorframes; not to mention the instrument's sheer weight, alone. No question, the Hammond is a super heavy organ.

Then there's what's under the hood. There are two layers of keys, four sets of drawbars, and eighteen changeable presets, creating a sound that arguably smokes any modern instrument. You need a virtuoso sitting behind the Hammond or, somehow, it doesn't erupt in those fat, bubbly tones, or in those long glissandos that rip the paint off the wall.

Robert Walter is the definitive soul-jazz organist of his generation. His latest project, Super Heavy Organ, was recorded in his new hometown of New Orleans. The release is a collaboration with some of the city's most respected musicians. They recorded live in the studio with a decidedly rough edged sound to capture the raw spontaneity of the performances. The resulting music is both exploratory and modern while maintaining its ties to the heritage of jazz. It is unquestionably innovative and funky at the same time.

Walter's bold attack of his Hammond B-3 and inventive compositions give his Super Heavy Organ band its edge and place it at the forefront of the modern jazz scene. His playing is by turns dissonant and audacious or subtle and soulful, favoring surprising shifts of emotion over show stopping technique. His unique melodies are a celebrated contribution to the evolution of jazz, soul and funk music.

Both the Super Heavy Organ album and the band are about listening, reacting and stretching out. The sound is brilliant enough from the get go...and then, somehow, it starts its build! When it finally comes down to a whisper, and the Hammond is in the reeds, it works magic. And there's dark magic a plenty on this album.

1- Adelita mp3
2- Kickin' Up Dust mp3
3- Spell mp3
4- El Cuervo mp3
5- Criminals Have A Name For It mp3
6- 34 Small mp3
7- Don't Hate, Congratulate mp3
8- Poor Tom mp3
9- (Smells Like) Dad's Drunk Again mp3
10- Big Dummy mp3
11- Hardware mp3
12- Cabrillo mp3