Ray's Music Exchange - AliveExchange - live CD


Experience the award-winning debut CD "Alivexchange", from the Mid-West's favorite Fusion group.  The Cincinnati based septet is ever evolving, building from the previous night's performance and adding to it a new day's flair.  With each show Ray's gains more momentum in their expansion into the future of New Fusion or Nusion.  Some of this magic is captured on "Alivexchange".  Upon listening you will understand why Phillip J. Patti of The News Record says:

"This first album frames an instant in the life of this group and reveals some incredible music that is unique and boundary-crossing."

"Alivexchange", winner of the Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Album of the Year.

The Scrambler
Icth the scratch
Ran over Ray
Guava Girl
Swamp stomp
And points east