Rare Blend - Stops Along The Way CD

Rare Blend is where rock, jazz, fusion, and world music collide. Since 1994, Rare Blend has penned a brilliant collection of instrumental arrangements that are 'heady' enough for any jazz aficionado, but have odd time signatures, hooks, as well as a rock, funk and world elements, appealing to a broader audience than traditional fusion bands creating a unique and exciting sound. Musically, Stops Along The Way took the band "on the road" metaphorically, with the disc chronicling their travels in 13 compositions. Take a ride on "Cole Train", try to figure out what "Wuhan Incident" is all about, and hear the call of the southwest with "Off To Arizona" and many more that paint people, places, and happenings with sound. SATW consists of structured pieces and the disc also introduces 3 "live" improvisation tracks, and 2 vocal tracks that echo our universal connection.

Illegal Aliens mp3
Wuhan Incident mp3
Mystic Jam mp3
Cole Train mp3
Feast of The Warrior Kings mp3
Splat! mp3
Miles To Go mp3
Intermission mp3
Off To Arizona mp3
Grand Central Station mp3
Dinner At Koko's mp3
Destiny's Eyes mp3
Heading Home mp3

Released 2/11/06

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