Rare Blend - Sessions CD

Rare Blend release of their 5th CD album entitled SESSIONS, is an impressive 14 track disc of live recordings from stage and studio. Unlike the groups previous CDs, Sessions highlights Rare Blends one takes, and in the moment jam-fusion instrumentals.

"Sessions" features new songs and improvisations from shows in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Baltimore, and in-studio improvs recorded at Odyssey Studios in Cleveland. Also included are selections from a taping for the Crooked River Groove television program (title track - Hipster Spinster), as well as performances during their 2008 Bridging The Gap music/film series against the backdrop of such classic films as; Phantom of the Opera and Metropolis.

Taking a hiatus in 2009 to review hours of collected recordings, mix and master the release, Rare Blend did pop up for an amazing show opening for Ozric Tentacles at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland. Here the group snuck out a few Sessions tracks that were very well received and solidified Rare Blends eagerness to finish the disc by the end of the year and to bring the spontaneous side of their music to audiences in 2010.

Track List:
1. Hipster Spinster listen
2. March To Orion listen
3. Mystic Jam listen
4. Market Square listen
5. Hide & Seek listen
6. Jazzmin listen
7. Say What? listen
8. The Timekeeper listen
9. 28 Degrees listen
10. Neon Noodle listen
11. Z'hadum listen
12. Phantom Lair listen
13. Break A Leg listen
14. Christine's Theme listen

Released in 2009.