Public Property - What's Goin' Down CD

One of the most spirited sounds in modern reggae belongs to the group from Iowa City! Dubbed "the blackest white reggae band in the Midwest," there's a lot to love about Public Property, from their hypnotizingly harmonized trio of female vocalists to their ukelele-fueled 6-man rhythm machine. Creating a party-skankin' sound rife with searing social messages, Public Property is ready to break out!

This album brings you 13 tracks of the band's signature sound, inspired by 60s and 70s Jamaican reggae, hip hop, ska, soca, dub, hawaiiana, and rock/pop elements.

1- Choo-Choo mp3
2- Never Again mp3
3- Power Trip mp3
4- Memento mp3
5- I Wonder mp3
6- 24/7 mp3
7- What's Goin' Down mp3
8- No Respect mp3
9- Smoothie mp3
10- Don't Know What To Say mp3
11- Dark Roads mp3
12- Every Day mp3
13- Higher mp3

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