Psylo Joe - A Peasant's Life CD


"A Peasant's Life" captures a time at Psylo Joe's earliest stage.  Peasant's Pub is where they had their first show which lead to winning Battle of the bands & improv jams every Tuesday night with local musicians.  This helped gain the energy they needed and to propel themselves into the psychedelic pool of live music that is happening today. This album started recording about 2 years ago with Todd Jenkins at Soundbender Studio in Greenville, NC. Mastered by Kyle Brone (Greenville, NC) and artwork by Jacob Baysden (Greenville, NC).  The artwork depicts the scene of Downtown Greenville during a night of Psylo Joe at Peasant's Pub.    


  1. Shotgun listen
  2. New Sway listen
  3. Edna listen
  4. The Jaunt listen
  5. Decisions listen

Released January 2017