Peter Prince CD

Peter Prince, the manic frontman of jam/funk legends Moon Boot Lover, embodies the theatre and soul of Rock 'n' Roll at its very finest. His performances bristle with raw emotion, romance, deep-hearted soul, and a trademark sense of humor that puts him in a class all by himself. Peter's distinctive songwriting voice, mixed with his unbridled energy, are wonderfully captured on this, his first solo album. Playing a wide range of guitars and providing all vocals (plus Hammond) on this CD, Peter is able to bring the listener closer than ever to his unique music.

01 A Part Of A Man mp3
02 There For You mp3
03 The Gift mp3
04 So Shy mp3
05 Molly mp3
06 Sin City mp3
07 Orion mp3
08 A Day In The Life (of a Fool) mp3
09 Missing You mp3
10 Devil's Dream mp3