Peter Prince - After All This Time CD

Peter Prince conjures the spirit of Moon Boot Lover on this offering in collaboration with Johnny Trama! Helping Peter get back to the space-funk-rock of his past is a cavalcade of friends including Johnny Trama, Eric Kalb (Deep Banana Blackout), Nate Wilson (Percy Hill, AOD), Mr. Rourke, Joe Russo (The Duo), Marco Benevento (The Duo), Nate Richardson (John Brown's Body), and more. Peter's unique sense of humor and energetic vocal style make this album a joy for his fans and a revelation for new listeners.

1- Friends mp3
2- Lost the Best Woman mp3
3- Bitch mp3
4- After All This Time mp3
5- NYC mp3
6- These Days mp3
7- Sin City mp3
8- Coming From Everywhere mp3
9- Love is Good
10- Let's Say Goodbye

Released Sept. 2007