Papadosio - To End the Illusion of Separation (2 CDs)

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This 20 song, double disc album is dedicated to the next horizon which is revealing itself little by little. What we can tell is that we are moving away from being caught in an illusion of separation, and toward something more unified. So in that spirit, we created this conceptual collaboration between us and a team of truly amazing friends whom we have had the of pleasure of meeting along the way. In an effort to catalyze the beautiful and peaceful world that we all know is possible, we give you this collection of art as a sign that we are all moving into that space slowly but surely.

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Track List:
Disc 1
1.Direction Song 05:26 listen
2.We Are Water 06:14 listen
3.The Sum 06:42 listen
4.Ear to Ear 04:42 listen
5.The Bionic Man meets his past... 06:14 listen
6.Method of Control 07:08 listen
7.Mancoluto 03:39 listen
8.Madre De Dios 04:44 listen
9.Puddles for Oceans 06:17 listen
10.Monochrome 09:10 listen
11....and this is what he thought. 01:52 listen

Disc 2
12.Cue 08:37 listen
13.Now That You Know 08:59 listen
14.Right Now 07:03 listen
15.Stick Figure 05:13 listen
16.The Oracle Theme 06:08 listen
17.Find Your Cloud 08:36 listen
18.TV Song 03:06 listen
19.Garden 08:04 listen
20.Planting the Seeds of Life 05:49 listen

Release date 02.05.2013