Papa Mali - Do Your Thing CD

A floor-rattling, soul-shaking summit featuring Kirk Joseph, Henry Butler, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Victoria Williams, Chuck Prophet, The Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indians, JJ Grey, and more. This is frighteningly funky soul music! Papa Mali's 2007 album documents his pre-Katrina New Orleans summit with some of the city's most celebrated and talented players, brought together with one request: Do your thing.

More than a recording session, the atmosphere that developed feels almost like a seance, as friends gather in a circle and invoke the ghosts of their pasts. Look deeper, and you can almost see those spirits weaving through the air like curls of smoke, conjuring visions of snake handlers and tent revivals, spy boys and street parades, proceeding with a broke-leg swagger to a place that's less about being funky and more about being Southern.

Enhanced CD features live footage and recording footage!

Do Your Thing mp3
Honeybee mp3
Early In The Morning mp3
I Had The Dream mp3
Little Moses mp3
I'm Gettin' Over It
Girls In Bossier City
True Religon

Released Jan. 23, 2007