Outformation - Traveler's Rest CD

With the national release of the Tennessee Before Daylight album under their belt along with two years of national touring and collective song writing, Outformation entered the recording studio for the second time in early 2007 to record their second album Traveler's Rest. For Outformation, recording it was a collective song writing process among band members and other musical influences. The track "Traveler's Rest" was a large collaboration between Widespread Panic's JoJo Hermann and Outformation. Mickey Raphael from Willie Nelson plays harmonica on "Winds." "We're really excited to have him on the album, his tone is unbelievable" said Sam Holt. The album is composed of an array of songs old and new. For instance, the song "Anymore" had never been played live at the time of the album's recording, "Carnac" had only been played once, and "Toy's Song" had been around since the start of the band. These days, the members of Outformation find they are more mature and focused on their music. With a growing national fan base and consistent touring schedule, Outformation had found more time to get the songs right and explore a new and exciting musical territory, found in Traveler's Rest.

1 Carnac (4:49) mp3
2 Dark Severinsen (5:33) mp3
3 Into My Arms (5:33) mp3
4 Winds (6:16) mp3
5 Later (4:48) mp3
6 Edgewater (3:12) mp3
7 SG (4:05) mp3
8 Toy's Song (6:13) mp3
9 Anymore (4:34)
10 Traveler's Rest (10:30)

Released August 21, 2007

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