OM Trio - Live 2 CDs

Based in the San Francisco/Bay Area, OM TRIO (Homegrown Music Network members) has brought its unique electric jazz to countless venues across the country through relentless touring. They've appeared at such prominent venues as the FOX THEATER and BOULDER THEATER in Boulder, CO, San Diego's BELLY UP, and San Francisco's GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL alongside national acts Tower of Power, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Deep Banana Blackout, (Ex-King Crimson and Peter Gabriel bassist) Tony Levin, and with members of Wynton Marsalis' Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra to name a few.

Unable to contain their blistering, dynamic jazz/funk/fusion into a single, conventional CD, this Bay-area trio has scavenged their live show archives and concocted an expansive double-CD set of live performances from various shows. Unparalleled musical creations exist on this disc, from full improv to reworkings of their old songs to epic compositions. The "Tuscon is Burning" series consists of snapshots from a full night of improv in Tuscon, Arizona, on the eve of Arizona's loss to Duke in the 2001 Final Four.

Disc 1:
1- Hippopatamus
2- Sunstruck
3- German Dances
4- Tuscon is Burning 1: Mars
5- Spin Slowly
6- Tuscon is Burning 2
7- Broken Glass
8- Tuscon is Burning 3
9- The Color Grey Suits You Well
10- Tuscon is Burning 4

Disc 2:
1- 24 Miles to New Orleans
2- Clydedogg
3- Tuscon is Burning 5
4- Subway Sailor
5- Tuscon is Burning 6
6- Glowsticks and Pacifiers
7- Tuscon is Burning 7
8- Old Guard
9- Tuscon is Burning 8
10- Phobophobe
11- Tuscon is Burning 9: Mars