Odd Meters - Uncommon Denominator CD

Odd Meters debut studio release featuring Jeff Sipe, Kofi Burbridge,Mike Seal and Stephen K. Wilson. This all instrumental releaseshowcases the band's dynamic song-writing ability and uniqueodd time grooves. Styles vary from jazz to funk to world to latin.Typically performing as a duo, the Odd Meters use the studiowith this release to bring in talented musicians that helpfully demonstrate the potential of the music. This is the beginningof a whole new genre of music that allows the listener anopportunity to easily find the groove in all styles of odd time music.

Track List:
1 Fortie listen
2 A Half Step listen
3 5 Fingers 3 Feet listen
4 Double Positive listen
5 Ragamatra listen
6 Azteca listen
7 5 Is the New 4 listen
8 Booger listen
9 Gummy Worm listen
10 Coble Vensualez listen
11 Busted Trampoline listen FULL TRACK!

Released in 2009.