North Mississippi Allstars - Hernando CD

Where 2005's Electric Blue Watermelon was a tribute to the tradition of the Hill Country Blues legacy that has always influenced the band, the brothers Dickinson and bassist Chris Chew decided to cut the lines from the past with Hernando and create their most personal sonic statement to date. To celebrate this newfound unity in independence, they named the record Hernando after the name of the town they grew up in together.

Despite their new direction, the band kept the vibe close to home. Not only did they have their father, legendary producer Jim Dickinson, produce the record along with the band again, but they made it in the studio on his property.

Hernando is a perfect representation of where NMA are now. It's the sound of a world-class rock trio stripped to its bare essentials - each musician focused on his own personal best performance yet intrinsically aware of the other players and the song - a communication only found between lifelong friends who have played and toured together for 11 years. It's maximum-energy blues-rock!

1. Shake mp3
2. Keep The Devil Down mp3
3. Soldier mp3
4. Eaglebird mp3
5. I'd Love To Be A Hippy mp3
6. Mizzip mp3
7. Blow Out mp3
8. Come Go With Me mp3
9. Rooster's Blues
10. Take Yo Time, Rodney
11. Long Way From Home

Released 1/22/08