NBFB - Confidential CD

NBFB features Ron Peleg on guitar, Sam Gilman and/or Kush Mody on keyboards, Dan Rehm on bass, Noah Bond on drums, and Bob Moriarty on saxophone and vocals. Combining elements of funk, rock, electronic, reggae, and jazz, the band relies on diverse musical influences to develop its signature "space-funk" sound. In concert, NBFB jams on extended solo sections but grounds itself in creative and ever-changing arrangements. The band's collective songwriting evolves constantly, producing a deep repertoire of material that can astound even their most dedicated fans.

"Spacey funk is the dominant flavor, but the sound also brushes up on hip-hop, steamy Tosh-ian reggae, and the more fusion-y exploits of Sly & the Family Stone, Weather Report and latter-day Maceo Parker." - Glide Magazine

1. Strictly Revisited mp3
2. Navigation mp3
3. Lazer mp3
4. UnBelievaBlaze mp3
5. Ted Dancin' mp3
6. So Cool mp3
7. New Latin mp3
8. Engine Block mp3
9. Bumpingville mp3
10. Position X mp3