Mushroom - Glazed Popems (2 CDs)

Sexy, surreal, and oh so trippy! Mushroom's 2004 release finds the acid-fried jazzers on two discs worth of studio wierdness. One, recorded in Oakland, brings a burnt-orange psycho-soul flavor; the other, recorded in London, swipes at the swinging styles of psychedelic mysticism.

"..acid-fried Funkadelic, Jack Johnson-era Miles, and groove-addled MMW..." - Pitchfork

"...bastard child of electric Miles, British Canterbury, Krautrock, and timeless Frisco Crisco..." - Village Voice

Features Brian Felix of OM Trio on keys!

1- L'Auberge mp3
2- Pink Island mp3
3- Hats off To Bert Jansch mp3
4- A Stone's Throw From Coe Fen mp3
5- Isle Of Wight mp3
6- You and I Have Memories mp3
7- Half Sicilian - Half Welsh mp3
8- Just Because Nobody Understands You, That Doesnt Mean You're An Artist mp3
9- Blackwaterside mp3

1- The Beards Are Back in Town
2- Tin Foil Hat
3- This Goes Squonk!
4- Blues For Bobby Seale
5- Glazed Popems
6- Tonite Let's All Make Love In Oakland
7- Sunday Morning, 7 AM on San Pablo Ave.
8- Running Wild And Looking Pretty