Mushroom - Oh, They're Weird and They're Wonderful (Live CD)

Groove masters Mushroom have worked with Krautrock legends Faust, Daevid Allen of Gong, trumpet player Jon Birdsong (Beck, Calexico) and Kevin Ayers of Soft Machine. Their new album Foxy Music received praise from Down Beat, Rolling Stone Germany,, Relix and many other places.

Mushroom's all instrumental blend of space rock, soul jazz, post-rock, and psychedelia now joins forces with mixmaster Dipstick (who has done mixes of Calexico, Friends of Dean Martinez, and Gong's Daevid Allen). Here is Mushroom's first live album, 15 previously unreleased songs taken from the past 2 years of on stage performances. Many of the songs feature Brian Felix of Om Trio on keyboards, who is currently a member of Mushroom when he's not on the road with Om. Also making a keyboard appearance is Michael Bluestein of Will Bernard and Motherbug. Dipstick has provided "sonic treatments" to some of the songs in a very special way (think of Eno's work with Bowie in Berlin, blended with an early 1970's ECM label jazz album).

Dipstick's work blends seamlessly into intense live jams, Mushroom style. Long tracks such as the 16 minute epic "The Scream Of The Butterfly" and other 10 minute jams like "Wolfgang Dauner" reveal live Mushroom as a head swirling mix of fat organ sounds, tribal drumming, wailing trumpets & trombones, snake guitar, and analog sound effects. Steven Roback of the Rain Parade recently said about Mushroom's live performances: "Imagine Miles Davis jamming with the Doors".

Recorded live in San Francisco and Berkeley, California.

Track List:
1- Are we being taped?
2- A Dusty Groove
3- Theme Song for Stereo Steve
4- Sonia & Sonya
5- What's the Deal With Q?
6- Brian Felix & The Trinity
7- I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by acid jazz
8- Party with Marty
9- If this was released on Thrill Jockey or Kranky would you like it more?
10- 4 Men With Beards
11- Wolfgang Dauner
12- Unless the people of the present day correctly understand the musical convulsion of the 1970's, they will stumble into fatal errors of judgement about their own times and own lives.
13- The Scream of the Butterfly
14- My Sweet Eddie
15- Why don't Nick & Vince ever pay their bills?