Moses Guest - Best Laid Plans CD

Moses Guest is Four:
Graham Guest - lead guitar/lead vocal/banjo
Rick Thompson - keyboards/guitar/mandolin/back vocal
James Edwards - drums/back vocal
Jeremy Horton - bass

Started in 1995 and named after founder Graham Guest's fifth generation grandfather, Moses Guest is a Texas-based Southern Rock band that has just enough Pop, Jazz, Funk, and Country in its veins to appeal to audiences of all ages and origins. Best Laid Plans is the outfit's sixth album and will excite fans of classic guitar-driven jam-rock as well as those who just love a good song! Over three years removed from their 2004 release Guest Motel, the album proves that Guest and the band haven't lost a step when it comes to formulating memorable songs with plenty of entertaining instrumental interplay.

1- Best Laid Plans
2- Bird
3- Colorado
4- Burnin' Around The Sun
5- Bi-Polar Express
6- Shine
8- Mario, The Offender
9- Mario's Untimely End
10- Wheel

Released June 2007