Mike Doughty - Haughty Melodic CD

One of the world's most verbose and crafty songwriters! Mike Doughty offers his first full-band recording since 1998, when his former band Soul Coughing released El Oso. Having transformed from the madcap squall of Soul Coughing's freakishly colorful jazz-hip-hop storm to a plantative and thoughtful singer/songwriter over the past 5 years, Doughty brings the disparate worlds together with masterful results on this 2005 release. His own acoustic, introspective "small rock" is married with familiar, but less synthetic elements that will delight anyone who's been around since the beginning and addict newcomers. "Busting Up A Starbucks" is riddled with pounding drums; "Bottom of A Well" burbles with big horns; "American Car" rides swells of graceful bass; and "Tremendous Brunettes," featuring Dave Matthews, sashays lightly across fields of pop longing. You'll be hopelessly devoted to this disc!

1- Looking At the World From The Bottom Of A Well mp3
2- Unsingable Name mp3
3- Madeline And Nine mp3
4- Busting Up A Starbucks mp3
5- White Lexus mp3
6- American Car mp3
7- Tremendous Brunettes mp3
8- I Hear The Bells mp3
9- Sunken-Eyed Girl mp3
10- Grey Ghost mp3
11- His Truth Is Marching On mp3
12- Your Misfortune mp3