Melvin Sparks - Groove On Up CD

Melvin Sparks is a guitar PLAYAH. He is the master of the groove, funk, soul, soul-jazz, barbeque funk, whatever you want to call it. Look up those terms in Webster's, and you will see a picture of Melvin Sparks. Credited as one of the originators of the genre, Melvin has only one gear - and that is groovin'. Hear the heart-pounding boogaloo stylings that have made him the Supreme Funkmaster on this recording! Band members include Eric Kalb, Jerry Z, Eric Bolivar, Oscar Wright, Paul Wolstencroft, and more.

1. Mykia's Dance mp3
2. Cranberry Sunshine mp3
3. Groove On Up mp3
4. Hump mp3
5. Ooh Girl mp3
6. I Want To Say Thanks mp3
7. She's A Bad Mama Jama mp3
8. Onion Patch mp3
9. If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It) mp3
10. U Got Mel mp3

Released 5/23/06