Medeski Martin and Wood - Uninvisible CD

Taking a fresh approach to the studio, Medeski Martin and Wood recorded extensive improv sessions at their Brooklyn studio and then selected pieces to develop and augment. After that, the band held more sessions, bringing in other musicians to add layers and ideas. These dramatic groove-scapes will definitely satisfy MMW fans!

Features Col. Bruce Hampton, DJ Olive, Antibalas horns, Eddie Bobe, and more.

1- Uninvisible
2- I Wanna Ride You
3- Your Name Is Snake Anthony
4- Pappy Check
5- Take Me Nowhere
6- Retirement Song
7- Ten Dollar High
8- Where Have You Been
9- Reprise
10- Nocturnal Transmission
11- Smoke
12- The Edge of Night
13- First Time Long Time
14- Off the Table

The difference between the inventive avant-jazz trio Medeski, Martin, and Wood and most everyone else making albums right now is that MMW's albums consistently capture the trio in masterful form, pushing their fans' familiar buttons while challenging everyone involved. Their newest, Uninvisible, is one of the most exciting chunks of time ever committed to tape. MMW's catalog is essential in varying ways, but Uninvisible rekindles the flame that most of their followers prefer to warm themselves by. Exploring fearlessly but still maintaining a sturdy foundation of irresistible funk rhythms, Uninvisible gives the listener a comfortable bed of groove to lounge in while their mind is taken on unforgettable trips through surreal sonic universes. Call it "un-jazz".

In what seems to be their favorite "songwriting" practice, MMW laid down spontaneous improvisations and grooves, captured the moments they wanted, and went to work on the album. Guest musicians were brought in, and Uninvisible was born. The album kicks off with the title track, and the Antibalas horns spice it up with brassy blasts that echo around the rhythm as if they are samples. Southern mystic Col. Bruce Hampton adds a bizarre monologue to the band's sneaky backdrop on "Your Name is Snake Anthony", which gets turntable help from DJ Olive. That's just one sampling of the various guest combos that range from guitar to horns to percussion. The final track, "Off the Table" even uses the steady pops of a ping-pong game as a beat. It's clear that the band had fun recording this, their most representative and satisfying disc yet. -- Bryan Rodgers