Manu Chao - La Radiolina CD

Manu Chao is widely acknowledged as a pioneer of Latin alternative music, and was the leader of influential band Mano Negra in the 1980's. This is his first studio release in the US since 2001, and it contains some of the most sublimely emotive world music you will ever hear. He recently completed his most extensive North American tour to date, following a highly acclaimed co-headlining performance at this year's Coachella festival as well as the Bonnaroo and Sasquatch festivals, where the universal (yet-multi-lingual) appeal of his music energized huge crowds. From authentic Latin roots sounds to modernized global rock bombast, Chao finds something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of which language they speak.

1. 13 Dias mp3
2. Tristeza Maleza mp3
3. Politik Kills mp3
4. Rainin In Paradize mp3
5. Besoin de la Lune mp3
6. El Kitapena mp3
7. Me Llaman Calle mp3
8. A Cosa mp3
9. The Bleedin Clown mp3
10. Mundoreves mp3
11. El Hoyo
12. La Vida Tombola 13. Mala Fama
14. Panik Panik
15. Otro Mundo
16. Piccola Radiolina
17. Y Ahora Que?
18. Mama Cuchara
19. Siberia
20. Sone Otro Mundo
21. Amalucada Vida

Released 9/4/07