Kyle Hollingsworth - Never Odd Or Even CD


*Reduced from $15.00*

The SCI keyboardist has assembled an all-star band on this album: Dave Watts (drums), Ross Martin (guitar), Jans Ingber (percussion), and Matt Spencer (bass). The disc also features performances by Robert Randolph and Joshua Redman. The amazing disc skitters between world-groove, thick funk, techno excursions, jazzy breakdowns, psychedelic rock, and beyond. Truly impressive!

1- Prevolution mp3
2- The Crusade mp3
3- Seventh Step mp3
4- The Bridge mp3
5- The Preacher mp3
6- Gigawatt mp3
7- The Arc mp3
8- Ohms mp3
9- Don't Say mp3
10- Not Yet mp3
11- Boo Boo's Pik-a-Nik mp3
12- !BAM! mp3
13- The Revolution mp3