Kooken & Hoomen - Escuela CD

True to its name in jubilant fashion, Kooken & Hoomen's Escuela systematically draws-out its students through a meticulously produced series of revelatory compositional fieldtrips that appeal to prodigious theorists, calculating madwomen and astute ravers alike. Traveling by cruise ship, municipal bus and flying granola, students are taken beyond conventional temporal boundaries to survey the frontiers of live futurafunkumbiafusion, and to dissolve those nasty imaginary lines between cognition and boogying. Prerequisites: An adventurous mind and a need to dance a bit strangely.

Track List:
1- Sunday Evening
2- Leon and Moses
3- Se Fue La Luz
4- Search Engine
5- Song For Einar
6- Legal Age
7- Antidepressor
8- Noriega Sun