Kings Of Leon - Because Of The Times CD

Because Of The Times is a pure revelation. Kings of Leon have grown up before the music world's eyes, and like true champions of Rock, they shine the brightest in the spotlight. This, their third album, cements them as a force to reckoned with in a day and age where bands rise and fall within the course of as many albums. There's no failure to be found here; if anything, Kings of Leon have gone above and beyond with Because Of The Times. One listen to songs like the dramatic, rising "Knocked Up," the Stones-like swagger of "My Party," and the fantastically catchy "On Call," and you'll be bowing to these guys!

1. Knocked Up mp3
2. Charmer mp3
3. On Call mp3
4. McFearless mp3
5. Black Thumbnail mp3
6. My Party mp3
7. True Love Way mp3
8. Ragoo mp3
9. Fans mp3
10. The Runner
11. Trunk
12. Camaro
13. Arizona

Released 4/3/07